Byo is a fashion brand focused on wearable experimental objects. Spurred by our mission to offer something new to the accessory market, we take an innovative approach by combining our sci-fi-inspired futuristic aesthetic with traditional craftsmanship in the creation of our designs. We constantly explore the boundaries of materials, shapes, and concepts while maintaining the quality level and functionality of the finished products, which now range from bags and clutches to a selection of ready-to-wear pieces.

All of Byo products are designed and made in Indonesia.


Tommy Ambiyo Tedji is the founder and creative director of Byo. A trained industrial designer, he established the brand with a singular purpose: to make good design available as a means of self-expression for every individual. This vision was duly realized in the realm of accessory design, where his love of bag making and experimental approach have manifested in cutting-edge and functional objects that anyone can carry and wear. His avid interest in science fiction and fantasy lends a futuristic influence to the brand’s aesthetic, giving an idiosyncratic stamp onto each of his design.


Since 2014, we have been exploring the concept of interweaving in our designs. True to our mission in integrating traditional craftsmanship into our production process, we work together with skilled craftspeople in Indonesia who turn our interwoven designs into wearable objects that are relevant for the present and the future.

To date, Tommy has designed four different modular systems that represent the concept of interweaving: Alchemy, Kawung, Hex Machina, and Allegro. Each modular system is characterized by its own shape and pattern that speak to its personality, and has been translated into an array of bags and ready-to-wear pieces